Sweetheart Bowl

in collaboration with Richard Raffan,AU

Private collection

The Light Within

In collaboration with Mark Sanger, UK



In Collaboration with Cindy Drozda​

The Collection of Dr Richard and Elizabeth Hogue

Imperial Box

Collaboration Richard Raffan


Moonlight in the Garden​

in Collaboration with Malcolm Zander

Private collection

Dressed for the Occasion

in collaboration with Richard Raffan, AU

 Private Collection

Imari's Fighter

In collaboration with Ken Wraight, AU

Pear, Ancient Kanooka

​Artist's Collection

~The Work~

Gallery 1

Rock Me Gently

In Collaboration with Hans Weissflog

The Collection of Randy Pi

  CynthiaGibsonPyrography@gmail.com 404.772.1886

Images courtesy of Scot Roberge, Tib Shaw, Michael Gibson,Steven Kennard.   

Embellished Hollow Form

in collaboration with John Jordan, USA


​The Collection of Gene and Robin Colley