Garden of Hope

 Binh Pho

Cynthia Gibson

​Private collection

Box Elder

Private collection




Woodturner, Terry Scott


Private Collection 404.772.1886



Woodturner, Keith Burns

Bradford Pear

The Collection of Dr Richard and Elizabeth Hogue

La Vie en Rose

Woodturning, Malcolm Zander, Michael Gibson

Elm, Honduran Rosewood Burl

The collection of Karen and Dave Long

~The Work~

Gallery 1

Embellished Hollow Form

Woodturner, John Jordan, USA


​The Collection of Gene and Robin Colley

The Light Within

In collaboration with Mark Sanger, UK


Woodturner, Terry Scott, NZ


The collection of Jamie Donaldson

Imari's Fighter

Woodturner, Ken Wraight, AU

Pear, Ancient Kanooka

​Artist's Collection

Vertical Separation Box

Woodturner, Ken Wraight

Pear, Ancient Kanooka

The collection of Ian Outshoorn

Rose of Morvern

Woodturner, John Hodgson, Scotland

English Sycamore

The Collection of  Deb and Brent English

Gypsy Box

Woodturner, Richard Raffan

Summe Collection

Soul Box

Gary Field, Woodturner, AU

​artists collection

Letting Go

Mark Gardner, Woodturner, USA

​Bradford Pear