Imari's Fighter

In collaboration with Ken Wraight, AU

Pear, Ancient Kanooka

​Artist's Collection

Rock Me Gently

In Collaboration with Hans Weissflog

The Collection of Randy Pi

Imperial Box

Collaboration Richard Raffan


Moonlight in the Garden​

in Collaboration with Malcolm Zander

Private collection

~The Work~

Gallery 1

The Light Within

In collaboration with Mark Sanger, UK


Dressed for the Occasion

in collaboration with Richard Raffan, AU

 Private Collection

Sweetheart Bowl

in collaboration with Richard Raffan,AU

Private collection

Embellished Hollow Form

in collaboration with John Jordan, USA


​The Collection of Gene and Robin Colley


In Collaboration with Cindy Drozda​

The Collection of Dr Richard and Elizabeth Hogue 404.772.1886

Images courtesy of Scot Roberge, Tib Shaw, Michael Gibson,Steven Kennard.