~ Showcase, Woodturning Design Magazine, Gibson/Gibson


~Invited Artist "A Walk in the Woods" Exhibition American Association of Woodturners International Symposium, Carden/Gibson

~Members Gallery, American Woodturner Journal, Burns/Carden 

~ Woodturning Design Magazine, Cover, Burns/Carden

~ Presenter, Turning Southern Style Symposium

~ Woodturning UK, Reader's Showcase Carden/Gibson

~  Profile, Feature Article, Creative Wood, New Zealand, Carden/ Gibson


~ Presenter, Utah Woodturning Symposium

​~Invited Demonstrator, American Association of Woodturners International Symposium

~Invited Artist, "Harmony" Exhibition, American Association of Woodturners International Symposium, Gibson/Gibson

​~ Award of Excellence, American Association of Woodturners International Symposium

~Presenter, Ohio Valley Woodturning Symposium

*** Feature Article, American Woodturner Magazine, Ramsey/Carden

*** Pyrography Article, American Woodturner Journal


~Presenter, Florida Woodturning Symposium

~ Invited Artist, "Ceremony" Exhibition, American association of Woodturners International Symposium, Carden/Gibson

~"The Art of the Craft" Exhibition, Carden/Gibson

*** British Woodworking magazine- Profile article, Carden/Gibson

~ Presenter, Saskatoon Woodturning Symposium

~ Instructor, John Campbell Folk School

~ Presenter, Norwegian Woodturning Cruise

~ Presenter, Woodturning New Zealand

*** Feature article and Cover Photo, Pyrography Magazine, Carden/Gibson


~ Instructor,Canyon Studios, Dallas Texas

~Instructor/ Presenter, World Wood Day, Eskisehir and Istanbul, Turkey 

~Hands on Instruction, the studio of Dr Terry Gerros, Salem, Oregon

*** American Woodturner Journal,Volume 30 no 3, June 2015, page 24 Carden/Wager

~ American Association of Woodturners International Symposium, panel discussion, Pittsburgh, PA

*** Work Published in "Craftsman of the Kingdom" of King Arthur's Tools by Jasmine Spitler

~  Presenter,Association of Woodturners of Great Britain Seminar, Loughborough University, Leistershire, UK
~ Tutelage,Verktoy, AS, Stavanger, Norway

~ Tutelage and presentations in Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina,Tennessee,and Pennsylvania.
Award of Excellence, Artists Guild of Spartanburg, South Carolina

~ Contemporary Wood Art: The Shock of the Timeless, Exhibition SOFA, Chicago, "Flames of Desire", Gerton/Carden

*** Work shown at SOFA Chicago, 2013, 2014 and 2015 through The Thomas Riley Galleries

*** Work published in  "Pablo Nemzoff, Collaborations" 


~Presenter, Honolulu Woodturning Symposium, Honolulu, Hawaii

~ Presenter, Turnfest, Brisbane Australia

~Instructor, John Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, North Carolina

*** Work published in "Charleston" Magazine ,Pho/Gibson,April 2016

~ " Masters of Turned Wood Sculpture" Exhibition, Charleston, South Carolina, Pho/Gibson, Drozda/Gibson, Gerton/Carden

*** Work published in American Craft Magazine, Pho/Gibson, June 2016

~Invited presenter, American Association of Woodturners International Symposium, Atlanta, Georgia

~Echo Lake Collaboration, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

~Tutelage, Lee Valley Tools, Halifax, Nova Scotia

~ Frogwood Collaborative, Gresham Oregon

~ Tutelage, Marc Adams School of Woodworking, Franklin, Indiana

​~"Turned and Sculpted Wood 2016" Exhibition

*** Work shown at SOFA Chicago


~Presenter,Tennessee Association of Woodturners Symposium

*** Feature Article, Kokeshi Trends Magazine, February 2017

~ Presenter, Oregon Woodturning Symposium 

~ Pyrography instruction, John C Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, N.C.

***Work Featured in Kokeshi Trends Magazine, June and August, 2017

***Work Featured in Woodturning UK Magazine, September 2017

~Presenter, Rocky Mountain Woodturning Symposium, Loveland, CO

~Hands on Tutelage, The studio of Cindy Drozda, Erie, CO

~Presenter, Mid Atlantic Woodturning Symposium, Lancaster, PA

~ Presenter,North Carolina Woodturning Symposium, Greensborough, NC

***Work shown at SOFA Chicago

*** Dream Force, San Francisco, California

~ Tutelage, Beatrice Woods Center for the Arts, Ojai, California


*** Feature article "The Amazing Doll Series" American Association of Woodturners Journal Vol 33 

***Piece added to the American Association of Woodturners, Gallery of Wood Art permanent collection

***"She said Yes" featured in Kokeshi Trends Magazine, April issue

~Art in Bloom Exhibition. Gallery at Flatrock, NC

~Invited artist, Echo Lake Collaborative, Bucks County,Pennsylvania

*** Feature article, Spartanburg Herald Journal

*** Feature article, Kokeshi Trends, July issue

~Echo Lake Collaborative, Bucks County, PA

*** Work published in "Masters of Contemporary Wood Art", Gerton/Carden

~ Presenter, Norwegian Woodturning Cruise

~Presentation and tutelage, Greenville Woodworkers Guild, South Carolina

​*** Work published in "Intersection, Art and Life" by Kevin Wallace, Pho/Carden

​*** The Amazing Doll featured in Norwegian Handicraft Magazine, October 2018


~Oregon woodturning Symposium~ feature demonstrator

~Presentation and classes, Seattle, Washington

~Presentation and classes Vancouver, BC, Canada


Recipient of a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and the South Carolina Arts Commission in collaboration with the South Carolina Arts Foundation and the South Carolina Artists Relief Fund

~Work Published in Masters of Contemporary Wood Art, Volume III


Recipient of a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and the South Carolina Arts Commission in collaboration with the South Carolina Arts Foundation and the South Carolina Artists Relief Fund

~28 September - 15 October, Exhibition and Book Release, Kokeshi Dolls, From Tohuko and Beyond, Sway Gallery, London



Meet Cynthia


Cynthia Leigh Carden's work is elegant and distinctive, and combines coloring in unusual and beautiful ways. Cynthia works collaboratively with internationally recognized woodworking artisans and is creator of  The Amazing Doll collection. 

​"I am enchanted by the aesthetic of wearable Art and fashion design." Carden says. "The arts of Asia strongly influence my work. Creating personality and expression through embellishment brings great satisfaction."

Cynthia's unique style of pyrography has gained international recognition. Her work has been published in journals including American Craft magazine, Pyrography magazine, American Woodturner,Charleston Magazine, Woodturning UK, British Woodworking, Kokeshi Trends, Woodworker West , Norwegian Handicraft Magazine and Creative Wood New Zealand. Cynthia has presented for prestigious seminars and conducted classes in Australia, Canada,New Zealand, England, Norway,Turkey,throughout the mainland of the United States and Hawaii. Her work is included in noted corporate, private and permanent collections.

Cynthia is the 2020 and 2021 recipient of a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and the South Carolina Arts Commission in collaboration with the South Carolina Arts Foundation and the South Carolina Artists Relief Fund.

Cynthia lives and works in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA.

~ 28 September-15 October 2021~

 Kokeshi Dolls, Tohuko and Beyond

​ Book Release and Exhibition, Sway Gallery, London



~ May~Turnfest, Woodturning Symposium,Gold Coast, Australia

~July 22-24~ Turn On Chicago! Seminar